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Paul Burka reports on the The Superintendents’ Conference

Posted by Texas Education on June 14, 2008

Great work Paul. He is saying what I’ve been hearing for the last 2-3 years. See Paul’s blog on Friday, June 13, 2008.

Paul says,”The leadership of the state cares more about tax cuts than public education. They have set up a financing system that is designed to strangle education: All of the new money is dedicated funds, like the high school initiative, and there is nothing to cover inflation in the cost of health insurance, utilities, and fuel. As a result, school districts are having to dip into their reserves. Education is no longer funded by formulas; instead it’s “hold-harmless.” The public is unaware of this because the media haven’t covered it.”

This is so so true. This is really the basis for my blog. This is ridiculous. I only hope people are listening and learning, and will educate themselves on the candidates, and vote with their hearts and souls. I’ve only gotten to teach for two years now. As difficult as it has been learning new procedures, politics, dealing with colleagues, parents, learning about ARD’s, special ed -lingo, paperwork, students – building lesson plans, putting those plans in the classroom, grading, the grading systems (a nightmare!!,) learning the school’s software, new software to teach, dealing with administrators, and the kids, those kids, as difficult as all that may have been (to the tune of about 100 hours a week, most weeks, just ask my family) I loved it, I still love it. It’s hard to imagine putting myself into anything else like I have my teaching. Ok, enough about me and my dilemmas, more on what Paul had to say:

“Perry and Craddick are no friends of pub ed; they will want to use the surplus for tax cuts rather than for schools.”

People are you hearing this??? I loved using quotes for my calendars for my classes. There are so many amazing, inspiring quotes, I started putting them on my calendars everyday. Trying to be as uplifing as I possibly could. The one that keeps coming to mind lately, by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This could not be more true than right now, and there are even more inspiring quotes by Mahatma Gandhi. Back to Mr. Burka, he summarizes by saying,

“To wrap up: I hope that the state’s leadership realizes what is happening to the schools and responds accordingly. But I’m not optimistic that they will.”

And I agree.

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