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Vouchers – part I

Posted by Texas Education on June 15, 2008

There is a response on Paul Burka’s blog about someone talking about school choice. There is a lot, I mean a lot, of misconceptions about school vouchers.

Well, #1 we should do what we can to help the struggling schools, people keep “blaming” the teachers, not the lack of $$$, support, etc. because a school does poorly. I wish some people would walk in a teachers, administrators, superintendents shoes for a day, before putting all the blame on them. Vouchers will not work for the most who would use them. Because their little Johnny/Susie is not being treated fairly they will take him/her out of the “low performing” school and take them to another school with their “voucher.” Well, what usually happens is, they get kicked out of that school (or decide there are too many rules and regulations,) and come running back to the school where they are zoned. They think that the small pittance for a voucher will completely pay for their  child’s full year of school. Well, I got news for ya, the state is not paying the full amount of what it costs for a child’s education in the state of Texas in any school, no pittance of a voucher is going to do that either. They will have to supply their own transportation, and  a whole slough of other problems, issues, and sheer lack of education on their part, all because they think the school is not living up to the standards they expect with the tax dollars they are shelling out.


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