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Today’s News – Tomorrows Sorrows

Posted by Texas Education on June 18, 2008

HISD in the news today (Houson ISD that is.) Up in the air about closures. Saavedra is putting off any closures, he says he needs more time to decide whether to go forward with the plan, they also say the issue of consolidation is NOT being taken off the table, they just want more dialogue, more input. They’ve already spent $190,000 on input. This all sounds too familiar, in many ways. The tests, the text books all go to “companies” that tend to contribute to certain campaigns. We are all just rats in a maze, I feel sometimes.

And why I keep hollering to the Ledge, “look, look what’s happening,” they aren’t listening. This is what they want. Put more “unfunded” mandates, expect higher scores, change the rules/programs, ie: TAAS — TAKS,) keep 20 year old formulas for schools to operate by, use formulas that make absolutely no sense (WADA,) and continue to not address the public schools. I really wish they would look beyond their selfish ways. Private schools are nice, but they’re not for everyone. Oh, ok, I get it, the states should not provide monies for schools. Well, why not??? I say. Isn’t that how it’s done, let’s say…pretty much everywhere?? How many of us have been educated by public schools? Pretty much the lot of us, I would image. I must say, we were so poor, I thank Uncle Sam for my college degree. I’m not proud that we were that poor, but, I would probably be working at Mickey D’s or some restaurant for tips my entire life, if it weren’t for the fact that I had the ability to get grants, loans and the such to further my education. I’m part of the few that think we should extend public education through 16 grades instead of the 12 we have now. It’s different now then way back when, when a college degree got you somewhere. Now, it takes a Masters degree to be able to even support yourself and a family.


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