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Posted by Texas Education on June 19, 2008

“State puts North Forest school district on probation.” Ericka Mellon reports on the critical despair of North Forest ISD. Ok, many people I talk to about North Forest (where I worked last year,) I either get an “oh my,” or a “where is that?” Meaning, either people know about North Forest’s rap (and I’m not talking about song,) or they’ve just never heard of the place. When I interviewed with them, I had never heard of them either. But I had gotten some advice from a dear friend who said, “don’t go there.” Well, I was desperate, and I did. But, I do not regret it, not for a minute. I learned so much as a first year teacher, one big thing I learned is that teachers are teachers, where ever you go. They are the most wonderful and dedicated people put on this earth. I think everyone of ear shot of this should, “hug a teacher, no make that kiss a teacher.” Oh, better scratch that, that might get some in trouble, unless of course, you are married to them or something like that. I digress. There’s really not much to this story other than what we know already. Just that things are actually happening. Erica has blogged on School Zone (one of my favorite blogs-see right) on this story today, including some things that missed the paper, for more on this story.


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