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Posted by Texas Education on June 24, 2008

I’m baaaccckkkk!!! I’ve been awol for a couple of days. (And now that you have the Marvin Gaye song in your head…if not, you do now) I’ve been busy cleaning, busting up concrete and building a fence. Yes, I’m muti-talented, indeed!! Soon, I will be a contributing writer for TexasKaos. Look for me there. Talk about getting in over my head, I only hope to rise to the top 😉

Lately I’ve been running into friends, acquaintances and former students (from my subbing days) and they either don’t know I was at KPark, or don’t know I’m no longer at KPark. A dear friend, who is no exception, I saw tonight, (on my way to seeing Get Smart, a must see, hilarious) asked me if I like teaching. Oh my, my I told her I love it. It’s probably the most difficult thing (other than giving birth — twice) but also the most rewarding (also like having children) that I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I miss my kids, and will miss teaching, if I will not be teaching web or dtp or even teen leadership come fall, and I will be highly disappointed, to say the least. Now,

on to what is news…

I have it on good authority that the lege is in fact putting the education issue on the agenda come January. I also have it on good faith that Dr. Lawrence Kohn, principal at Atascocita High School, has left in order to accept the position at Sam Houston State University that he had previously interviewed for. I decided to post this because it seems everyone I talk to has not heard. We wish him all the best. I just wonder who will take the position, a daunting task, no doubt.

I just want to say those who have welcomed me to the blog-o-sphere, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I’ve joined a family and I’m continually learning — this, a new “trade.”

Stick with me…more later…


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