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S.A. school districts staring at harsh financial futures

Posted by Texas Education on July 1, 2008

More and more districts reporting financial hardships. The budget outlook for San Antonio schools is grim all around, but districts on the South Side are feeling the pinch the most.

Written by Michelle De La Rosa, San Antonio Express-News

School leaders all over Texas, whether they hail from urban, suburban or rural districts, are hoping state lawmakers will intervene to relieve the pressures they say ballooning operating costs have put on their districts.

Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas, chairman of the Select Higher and Public Education Finance Committee, said he recognizes the concerns and that providing relief is at the top of his list for the coming legislative session, which begins in January.

“Inflation has got everyone hurting. They’ve got a good point. We’ve got to do something,” Branch said.

I think we need to make sure Rep. Branch keeps his word, don’t you? School districts across Texas are singing the same sad songs. Is this how we want to educate our children? By cutting back on good teachers, cutting field trips (making connections with the real world,) dropping programs, like band, choir, art, limiting trips to student competitions, and cutting out the gifted and talented programs. Where will we get the next astronauts, CEOs, teachers? Not from the public schools…not at this rate.


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