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Posted by Texas Education on July 17, 2008

From Tyler, Texas. I love that name Tyler, Texas. Almost sounds like a person, eh? An article, not much different than what I have been posting here, but wanted to make a couple of points, or should I say let the administrators make a few points that have been echoing throughout the state.

“The problem we’re facing is no different from the other 699 districts in Texas at the $1.04 level,” Witte says. “For the past few years, the state has not provided additional operating funds. And we have no new revenue to offset the costs. And inflation is hitting everyone pretty hard.”

I’ve noticed certain parties are getting more money for the upcoming elections. I honestly don’t know how, or more, why? Why is everyone tuning a deaf ear to what is being said by each and every school district in Texas? I keep on hearing how the districts need to “better manage their budgets.” What the heck? I can’t put what I’d like to there, I keep this blog clean. But, all of this leads us to want to rant, rave, rage, and carry on and pull our ever living hair out. We have to clean house, we HAVE to got certain incumbents, and, and, and especially and, out!

A couple of other quotes from this article:

“We have a great school system, but it takes a lot of funding to improve on greatness,” says Superintendent Stan Surratt. “We have some maintenance issues we need to address, including some new roofs and some parking lots. And with the cost of diesel, gasoline and food, the pressure just increases.”Utility costs are just one example, he says.“Our electricity bills have gone up an average of $8,000,” Surratt says. “That’s $96,000 that’s not in the budget. And there’s nothing in place from the state for inflation.”

This is exactly what I see as a major problemo. You know if our households are having problems, what about our schools? <shaking head vigorously>

Meant to post this earlier today, but got off on some tangents. Went surfing USA…


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