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Posted by Texas Education on July 29, 2008

Ok, I’m going to go off topic today, ’cause I have not been in the right frame of mind to do any serious blogging here. Thought I’d share with all my avid viewers (all two or three of you) what I’ve been doing for the last two days. First of all, my son, Bennett, now works for Continental and I get to fly for free. Of course you have to fly stand by, but there were plenty of seats around me. And yes, most say, it’s not really free, you pay a fee, well it only amounts to $25 big ones, or $12.50 both ways. (Which we are paying that much for parking our car, each day, which by the way, is a convertible, way cool!.) Now, for the good stuff. We are across the street from the Marina Del Ray and down the street from Venice beach. We walked the pier last night. I’ve been to Hollywood, saw Gauman’s Chinese Theater, and the Kodak Theater – that was so not what I expected. It’s got shops and restaurants and 5 levels.

California is way too cool. I love the little buildings where everyone lives, and would move in a heartbeat (can’t beat the weather here – I think the high was around 83 and the low around 61-without humidity) but most of those little ‘shacks’ probably cost around a quarter of a mil or more. All the waiters here are sooo pretty and the people are very impatient, we have been honked at at least a half a dozen times for not turning left sooner on a red light, because they don’t have arrows, so you wait for the cars to clear and you turn on red.

I’m out here to watch my daughter, Laurel, play water polo. She played for the National team this past week up in northern Cal, and will be headed down here to L.A. on Thursday to play in the Junior Olympics.

I highly suggest getting a convertable when you are here (that is soo cool,) eat at the Cheesecake Factory, I had a drink called a Pineapple Mojioto, wow, I could have gotten plastered on that drink, especially since we walked there, and The Ivy, didn’t see any stars, but I did see some paparazzi with a camera in wait.

Tomorrow we plan on seeing where O.J. used to live. I believe the person who bought the property was one of the owners of Perry’s company Quest Software, and then tore the house down to build a new one. We shall see.

I promise I will put something actually worth reading soon! Oh, and I’ve been using Perry’s Mac this week and I don’t like it, it doesn’t send my email and lots of other junk.

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