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Do I hear Vouchers????

Posted by Texas Education on August 5, 2008

Oou, oou, this could be consider Vouchers, eh? Subtitle says “TEA’s inclusion of private groups called back-door voucher program.

One of the state’s largest teacher’s groups sued the state Tuesday over a dropout prevention program that it argues is a back door attempt to facilitate private school vouchers despite the Legislature’s refusal to allow taxpayer dollars to be spent on private school tuitions.

My only thought on this is…why don’t we get these kids before they dropout? This just seems backwards, ridiculous, and a waste of money, ahem, taxpayers money. Case in point ~

Constitutional issue

They are private groups, and the Texas Constitution prohibits spending tax dollars on such organizations, according to the lawsuit, which also asserted that Scott has no legislative authority to fund private school programs.

“They couldn’t push vouchers through the Legislature in an above-board way. So they went through the back door to divert public dollars to private school programs even though lawmakers warned them not to do so,” said Rita Haecker, president of the 65,000-member teachers association.

Yeah, lets not give money to the schools, give them problems out the wazoo, unfunded state mandates, then, when things start crumbling, falling apart, lets do it our way (lege) and throw money at the problem. I keep saying, I see the lege, the districts and even the schools work on issues “after” the fact, instead of pre-emptive measures. Perfect example: work on discipline with the parents (give teachers more time and help,) work with the parents, keep the kids out of short term, long term and eventually High Point, and places that cost the district thousands and thousands of dollars.

Full story here.


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