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Dear 44: Success in education

Posted by Texas Education on August 6, 2008

Ideas for the next president

A section of politico website that has some articles.

Jan Morrison of the Gates Foundation recently posed a rhetorical question that perfectly sums up the state of K-12 education: “Do our schools still look like they did in the 1950s – now ask yourself, do our companies still look like they did in the 1950s?”

The answer is quite clear – the world economy has changed dramatically since the 1950s, and any company that refuses to keep up is soon out of business. The same cannot be said of American schools, where the curricula are largely unchanged since the 1950s and classroom technology isn’t much better. Even our school calendar is still based on an agrarian society. How many bushels of corn has your child harvested this summer?

Although our schools are not going out of business, their results are akin to a company ready to file for Chapter 11.

I would like to see more schools do more with technology. Everything is technology, some low level jobs require a lot of technology experience. I know it costs money, but, what do we want, do we want educated kids? Kids that can make a difference? kids that can solve some of our problems? What I see are kids that are more than contributing to the problems. Lets put more leadership classes, more technology classes into the schools. Lets get people (ahem-moi?) to teach the teachers more about technology, use it to their advantage. But that takes time and money.

More on this story here

Cynthia G. Brown says:

The next president needs to increase the federal investment in public education.

Read her article here.


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