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Leaders urge better student development

Posted by Texas Education on August 8, 2008

Another article on the front page of City & State in today’s Chron.

Business and education leaders — spurred by concern that Texas students aren’t ready for a global economy — made recommendations including more school accountability Wednesday to Gov. Rick Perry, who embraced the need to “develop the state’s talent better.”

“We haven’t got it right yet, OK?” Perry said at the Governor’s Competitiveness Council Summit as he accepted reports recommending paths the state should follow in business, education and energy. “As good as we are, as many gains as we’ve made … we’re not where we need to be yet.”

Umm… have I got some lulu’s for you Governor Perry!!!

This is a bit disturbing:

For example, he said, “We need to be sending a message to the world that we want to build nuclear plants here.”

No funding recommendations went with the report. Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Michael Williams, who heads the council, said the idea was to identify issues important to stakeholders and when it came to funding, to “let those people over there (at the Capitol) make the decision.”

Yes, indeed, a bit disturbing.

Ok, where did I see something about this posted recently???:

Kip Thompson, Dell Inc.’s vice president for global facilities and strategic growth and a council member, said he’s concerned about the dropout rate and said of those who do graduate and go to college, half must take remedial-type courses.

“Compared to students in other countries, the numbers are downright frightening,” said Thompson.

This full story here.


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