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State in no hurry to fix big problemo

Posted by Texas Education on August 8, 2008

Well, why is it when I read this heading I knew, I just knew, it was about education? Um…I wonder!! Yes, Lisa Falkenberg, that little pot stirrer upper, once again. She talks about the 95-page landmark ruling issued recently by Judge William Wayne Justice on how Texas is failing limited-English schoolchildren is a deeply depressing read.

Among the U.S. district judge’s findings: Limited-English students lag in standardized test scores and soar in dropout rates. Texas’ system of educating these kids amounts to a hodgepodge of programs across districts and schools that vary widely in results.

This is the interesting part (at least for me):

It’s even convenient to play the victim. In an interview last month with CNBC, Gov. Rick Perry was asked about the discrepancy between the network’s rating of Texas business climate — No. 1 in the nation — compared with its ranking of Texas’ education system — No. 30.

Perry reached for a politically expendable scapegoat: “Texas is, you know, a very diverse state, when you look at the border with Mexico that we share. And obviously there’s a substantial number of children that we educate in the state of Texas from parents who don’t speak English as their first language.”

So, we have “some difficulties” there, Perry said.

Where is the leadership? While the challenges of educating limited-English students are real, they aren’t the only challenges we face. These students, who make up about 15 percent of the Texas public school population, can’t be blamed for every shortcoming.

She goes on to say:

Instead of grasping for excuses, our state leaders should focus on solutions. And even in Texas, they’re ripe for the finding. Texas actually has within its patchwork of bilingual education programs gems that have reported real successes in educating limited-English students.

He sounds a bit like Bush talking, to me.

Ok, so do ya think it’s about time we get some people in there (Lege) who know what they are doing, can fix these problems, can find solutions??? Uh? Do ya? I seriously could not have said it better Lisa. Here for the whole story.


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