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Homeschooling – as controversial as vouchers

Posted by Texas Education on August 9, 2008

Parents may home-school children without teaching credential, California court says

Gov. Schwarzenegger praises the reversal by the 2nd District Court of Appeal as a victory for students and parental rights. This from the L.A. Times…I will put it here, for the record, I am totally against homeschooling, without accountability. Hey, with me it’s all about accountability, and homeschooling is no exception. There are some, probably most, who of the homeschoolers, are more than qualified, or at least have done a decent, if not better job than the public or even private schools. So my thoughts are, what are you afraid of? If you are legitimately teaching your kids, there should not be problem taking any tests other kids in the state face. If I were to have homeschooled my kids, and the thought did cross my mind once or twice, I would have certainly wanted to know if I was doing my kids justice. This is why I can’t understand why everyone is so up in arms about there being some accountability, checks and balances, tests, you name it. I feel it just keeps everyone honest, and excludes those who are just trying to circumvent the laws in the state. Here for full story. And I’ve included a couple of the comments on this story, one which, as usual, ties Texas to a story.


Should parents be allowed to home school their children without a teaching credential?

1. Are private school REQUIRED to have credentialed teachers? Not in Texas. Probably not in any state. Most people would not avail themselves of such schools, still, you could establish a private school and hire whomever you wanted as long as you didn’t ask the state to accredit your school. Home school is recognised as a form of private school in Texas.
Submitted by: Ruby
12:05 PM PDT, Aug 9, 2008

2. I home-schooled two boys both of whom have graduated from universities. One with honors. Both are self-sufficient fully functioning adults in their late 20’s. I am not affilitated with any religious organization. I don’t believe for a minute that a state supreme court would reverse itself for other than legal arguments.
Submitted by: Ruby
11:57 AM PDT, Aug 9, 2008

3. California’s courts are a joke. Most of the other states are like Nevada where parent teaching is absolutely permitted. Teaching credentials are a joke..most teachers could not cut it in the real world where they would have to work 40 hours a week.
Submitted by: RonNV
11:37 AM PDT, Aug 9, 2008

HA! I’d like to know who RonNV is. Forty hours a week, and couldn’t cut it. HA! Does he realize teachers “teach” a minimum of 40 hours a week? That’s the time, as I call it, we are “on stage.” You know “show time,” when the bell rings. I was spending 50 hours a week, minimum, just on campus. That didn’t count all the time I spent at home, either grading (tons of that stuff) preparing, or even reading email. He certainly does not know a teacher, ’cause if he did, he’d know, teachers are dedicated individuals, a different animal. I’m sure, like any profession, there are exceptions, but from what I’ve witnessed in the last decade, I’m very impressed with teachers.


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