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The new yearbooks are in, the new yearbooks are in…

Posted by Texas Education on August 13, 2008

Finally!!!!! I’m all for putting in all that you can in a yearbook (the whole year,) but waiting till school starts the next year, I bet there are always going to be some that paid (not cheap – full, I mean full color) and didn’t get them because they “graduated” and that’s the last thing on their mind, going off to college, or they moved away. How easy would that be with over 3,000 kids. I guess the saying “everything in Texas is big” applies to the yearbooks too. Humble’s you needed a cart to carry it too. I’m referring to the new AHS (Atascocita) yearbooks. Now, if anyone really knows me, they know I was so not a fan of last years. Well…this years, only thing I can say is, you can read the names. But, that’s probably about the only nice thing I can say. All color is overkill, and expensive. I voiced this concern last year, but was poo poo’ed, of course. This year, an AHS student (who was looking at it with me this a.m. referred to it as a magazine.) And I would have to agree. Way, way, w-a-y too busy. And with quite a few typos, and that was only on the water polo page. I must say (and here goes a bit of a nice thing) they did put Water Polo in there, but what my daughter was quoted as saying “It a fun experience, we did really good for only have four practices, we made fourth in state ,” she sounds like she only has a 2nd grade education, because of all the typo’s. Kids are labeled wrong, and they have a bunch of polls, which take up too much space and are ridiculous. Polls like: “The top 8 friends of Brandon B.”, “How do you pick your friends?,” this is the best one (sarcasm) “Individual style is one thing, but when it comes to prep chic, it doesn’t come cheap. Who’s worth the pay for your style?,” and they have listed in bar graph form, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and American Eagle, with the percentages next to them. I have to admit, my daughter is on the water polo page a lot. I like that!

I’m sorry if I offend anyone on this, but I have put together quite a few yearbooks, and this is not how I would do it. I would include more kids, less teachers, it’s not their book anyway, more kids in the pictures (is how I was taught to build a yearbook.) There are way to many fonts on each page, and I would not put quite so many quotes on a page either, etc., etc. Not too crazy about the theme this year either, “stand OUT.” They have labeled the book “The Aerie,” definition:

Medieval Latin aerea, from Old French aire, probably from Vulgar Latin *agrum origin, nest, lair, from Latin ager field — more at acre

1: the nest of a bird on a cliff or a mountaintop
obsolete : a brood of birds of prey


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