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More Humble ISD news – selling ad space on buses??

Posted by Texas Education on August 22, 2008

I must say, seems the whole Humble family is up in arms over our $17 million deficit. Even one of our swim coaches is voicing opinions, concerns, and putting the fear of God in parents and students on structure and protcol. If things don’t get fixed, and fixed fast, and done right, we are going to continue pimping out our schools, teachers and students for money, money, money.

Yes, it’s finally come to it…Humble ISD officials are selling advertising space on their school buses. The district says they’re taking the action in order to generate revenue. Officials say the district is reportedly facing a budget deficit of more than $17 million. Rocky McCullough, a guy you may have seen on TV selling cars, will be doing the same on the side of school buses in Humble. “I am not so sure its going to sell a car for us. If it does it’s great. We’re doing to help the school district they need the money and that’s what we’re doing this for,” said McCullough.,br>

Car dealers, hospitals, home builders, parking lots and even the air condition man are among the first to advertise on school buses in the Houston area. Clyde Pady who owns an air condition company is optimistic. “I know its going to work,” he said. The ads start at $250. Humble ISD hopes to raise $1 million a year through this program.

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“This is the first year that we have been in such dire financial constraints. Class sizes have now increased and we are looking at cutting programs. It is very unfortunate for the children of this district,” said Lynn Fields who is a former school board member. Some critics say buses are no place for advertises. The district says it is already advertising in lunchrooms and football stadiums so why not on buses. The partnership includes the Humble ISD and Steep Creek Media, a Houston advertising company. Humble ISD is the first public school in metro Houston and the second state-wide to pursue additional revenues through school bus advertising.

I’m still a little confused as to how we can do this. I thought the state was holding us at only generating a certain amount of money, and that the amount is certainly not enough to educate or children. Apparently, I’m still in the dark.


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