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The CBAC’s 4 boundary proposals for Humble ISD

Posted by Texas Education on August 22, 2008

I actually got this off the Humble ISD website. A little shocking, I thought the first time we would see any boundary proposals would be at the upcoming meetings. Sorry I did not have time to look into each of these yet, I’m out of town (in Indianapolis, Indiana) visiting my dad. Also, my little laptop will not let me visit anything pdf, for the moment, gotta work on that. But, here is the information I got for you to look into. Any insight, please clue me in, and I will certainly follow up on this as soon as I can.

Work is underway to develop boundaries for Summer Creek High School (SCHS), which will open in the fall of 2009, and for Middle School #8, which will open in the fall of 2010.
SCHS is located in the Spring Trace area south of the West Lake Houston Pkwy. and is expected to provide relief for Atascocita High School and for Humble High School.

Middle School #8 is located north of the Sam Houston Parkway and east of the railroad tracks, just west of Summerwood. MS #8 is expected to provide relief for Atascocita Middle School, and possibly for Humble and Sterling Middle Schools.

The Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), the demographic firm, which has been working with Humble ISD since 2004, provided proposed boundaries and enrollment projections for SCHS and MS #8, which were used by the Citizens Boundary Advisory Committee (CBAC) as a starting point in their deliberations regarding boundaries.

In the spring of 2008, the CBAC developed 4 other possible options for boundaries for SCHS and MS #8.

The boundary option developed by PASA and the 4 options developed by the CBAC will be presented to parents and patrons in order to gather input regarding each of the options from those who may impacted by the boundary changes. The meetings will be held at Atascocita High School (Monday, Sept. 8), Humble High School (Thursday, Sept. 11), and Humble Middle School (Monday, Sept. 15). All meetings will begin at 7:00 PM in the auditoriums of the schools.

Following the community input meetings, the CBAC will present its findings and recommendation for boundary changes to the Superintendent, who will, in turn, present his recommendation to the Board of Education. It is the responsibility of the Board of Education to approve boundary changes.

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