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Advertising on School Busses – It’s legal and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety

Posted by Texas Education on August 25, 2008

More on the advertising on school busses. I thought this was interesting from TASBO (Texas Association of School Business Officials ®) We made the big news…again.

It’s legal and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety

Schools are scratching for money these days and one source that some districts are exploring is advertisements on school busses. These are pretty much the rule on transit busses but not common on school busses. The Humble ISD is reported to be one of the first.

Selling advertising space is authorized by Section 547.701(d) of the Transportation Code. Actually, the authorization is couched in terms of what the advertisement can not do and by giving the Texas Department of Public Safety the authority to regulate it.

(d) The exterior of a school bus may not bear advertising or another paid announcement directed at the public if the advertising or announcement distracts from the effectiveness of required safety warning equipment. The department shall adopt rules to implement this subsection. A school bus that violates this section or rules adopted under this section shall be placed out of service until it complies.

The DPS rules which govern the size and placement of the signs are found in the Texas Administrative Code . Districts are also required to report the advertisements to the DPS.

The content of the advertisements appear to be governed by local policy, so it’s up to the district to avoid “Chico’s Bail Bonds” which is a real company which sponsored the Bad News Bears.


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