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Gun-free for good reason

Posted by Texas Education on August 29, 2008

Back to the gun toting teachers issue. (I just can’t seem to let this one go.) An opinion from the Waco Trib – I like the way they think. I just can’t believe people actually think this is a good idea, putting guns IN schools.

Legal or illegal? Harrold Independent School District teachers, if they have a conceal-carry permit and are cleared by the school board, can come to school armed.

The district says it’s legal. Others point to a law that says armed campus personnel must be commissioned peace officers.

Whatever the case, it’s ill-advised. For one thing, schools are among the safest places to be.


Gov. Rick Perry has said he’d like to have it so that people with concealed weapons permits can have guns in any of the above settings and more.

Not surprisingly, this idea is opposed by the Texas Association of Business. It says that proprietary matters should trump the concerns of people who want to have a loaded gun on their persons at all times.



2 Responses to “Gun-free for good reason”

  1. MotoGeek said

    One only need look at examples of gun-free zones like Virginia Tech to see that it actually does more harm than good. While it may seem a good idea to keep guns away from educational environments, there really is no difference to a criminal with intentions of doing harm to others through a firearm. The criminal will typically look for an environment where there will be little resistance or threats to the personal safety of the shooter. Gun-free zones actually have the opposite effect and lead to an increased rate of violent crime involving firearms.

    Here are a few instances of gun-free zones that make victims of citizens that are not allowed to legally defend themselves.

  2. No gun left behind. LMAO.

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