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Obama vs. McCain on education and children

Posted by Texas Education on September 4, 2008

Candidates speak on achieving universal primary education:

Obama –

Worldwide, an estimated 100 million children – including nearly 60 million girls – are not attending school. By 2010, getting these children into school could cost $10b annually. To meet our share of that sum, I will invest at least $2 billion in a Global Education Fund.

McCain –

Among the most important determinants of economic well-being is educational attainment. The statistics are undeniable; if you can get a decent education, you can free yourself from the threat of poverty. This is why we all should agree that a quality education is the right of every child.

Candidates speak on improving child and maternal health:

Obama –

I will increase funding for child and maternal health and ensure that increases in other important areas – including HIV/AIDS – do not come at the expense of child health and survival programs. I will expand access to vaccinations, increase research into new vaccines, and expand access to reproductive health programs.

McCain –

The key to eradicating many diseases in poorer countries is through more accessible preventative health care, particularly prenatal and child care. We must work to wipe out childbirth disabilities and childhood diseases in poorer countries that were long ago eradicated in our own country, such as obstetric fistula and tuberculosis.

Candidates speak on their legacies to The World’s Poor

Now, you tell me…who has the facts and the vision to help our children?

Information from one.org


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