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Car wash benefit for HHS – huge success!!!

Posted by Texas Education on September 7, 2008

On Saturday, September 6, the Atascocita Water Polo parents and players coordinated with all the Humble ISD Water Polo players and the Humble High School swim team students hosted a car wash at the Atascocita Tire & Auto to raise money for the Humble High School swim team. I consider this good stuff, as I like to call it in my classrooms.

My goal was for us was to make approximately $1,000, because I knew that in previous car washes we had brought in around $800. To our surprise, we are going to present to Rachel and her team a check for $1,200 at the board meeting on Tuesday night. This was not only a success monetarily, but we had parents from our water polo team as well as Humble’s swim team. We also had a tremendous amount of support from the students, as well. We even had a student from one of my classes at Kpark who helped out.

Some of the kids, I believe, had more soap on themselves than the cars. But, they did an awesome job, they worked hard, and a few got a little sun burnt.

I would like to thank Mr. Huberty for his support, and I told him he should have brought his motorcycle. We also saw Mr. Montemayor – who showed up before we were open for business. And Mr. Vernon Reed, our local education activist and community leader. I would also like to thank Mr. Zain Baquer – owner of Atascocita Tire & Automotive for allowing us to do this benefit, Neaobbes Country Crafts and Cafe for the cookies.

We hope to do this again in the future, and I hope to see as much, if not more support from the community.

With this benefit, I feel we are contributing to the schools, instead of asking for funding.


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