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Preparing for IKE

Posted by Texas Education on September 10, 2008

Looks like this blogger is going to have to take some time away. We are planning on staying, again! Need to take all the “hurricane” precautions. Just wish Humble ISD would “close” things so we can all have time to get out of Dodge. Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty scared on this one.

State of Texas Activates Shelter Hubs

The State of Texas has activated the Shelter Hub in Huntsville as of 2:30 pm this afternoon.  The Greater Houston Area Chapter of the American Red Cross is currently supporting the shelters in Huntsville Texas.

Evacuees will go to a reception area, which is on the northbound side of I-45, south of Huntsville.  It is at Mile Marker 101, which is a weigh station (for trucks). They will be assigned and directed to a specific shelter in that area.

People evacuating from Galveston who need shelter are strongly encouraged to go North on I-45 to the Huntsville Shelter Hub or the Dallas Shelter Hub.

Those evacuating from Brazoria County who need shelter are encouraged to go to Shelter Hubs in either Bryan/College Station or Austin.

Carole  Chambers
Fire Marshal Dept.
Office of Emergency Management – Asst. Coordinator
281.446.4928 office
281.446.3960 fax
281.808.4024 cell


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