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Oh oh, pizza parties illegal at school?

Posted by Texas Education on October 10, 2008

Oh, my gosh. Just when we do something right (praise kids for doing a good job, get excited, reward, etc.) we get a slap on the wrist. Looks like apparently when we hold a party and praise those who passed the test, we single out those who failed it. There is really not much on this story other than the commissioner, Robert Scott, reprimanding the supers that this is what we do, we “single” out the ones who pass the TAKS, or worse, we “single” out those who fail it. Ok, I don’t know about other teachers, but when did a classroom teacher say “ok, Johnny, Susie and Jose get pizza because they passed the test, but David, Mary and Juan don’t because they failed it?” I’m sorry, but I’ve never been in a classroom that does this, and shame on any teacher that would do this, not that I think any teacher would do this, ya’ know. (And just to for the record, I used random names, that I see in classrooms that I teach in, ok?)

Here for the full story from the Valley Morning Star, who the heck is the Valley Morning Star anyway?


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