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Chronical endorses Laura Ewing

Posted by Texas Education on October 13, 2008

Yes, indeedie, the Chron says…

In the race for District 7, the Chronicle endorses veteran educator Laura Ewing. The State Board of Education performs an extremely important function for the state’s school system. It provides direction to Texas schools by adopting policies and setting standards for educational programs. The board is now faced with the task of determining curriculum standards for the state’s new science textbook. The Chronicle believes the best candidate for the District 7 position is veteran educator and former Friendswood City Council member Laura Ewing.

The Chron goes on to say,

One of the board members supporting the “strengths and weaknesses” provision is the vice chairman, David Bradley of Beaumont. Bradley, a Republican representing District 7, which includes parts of the Houston area, contends: “Evolution is not a fact. Evolution is a theory and, as such, cannot be proved. Students need to be able to jump to their own conclusions.”

Ewing, by contrast, says she believes in creationism but thinks it is best discussed in personal religious practice rather than in the classroom. The Chronicle couldn’t agree more.

Yeah, let’s let the kids “jump” to their own conclusions. What an intelligent way to put it.

This certainly is my favorite time of the election, getting closer. The Chronicle, most of the time, endorses MY candidates!!! I also have a special contribution post from the Laura Ewing Campaign on my blog recently.


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