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Anti-evolution push may hurt efforts to teach science

Posted by Texas Education on October 23, 2008

The chron touched on this delicate subject again today. An article by ALAN I. LESHNER. He is chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and executive publisher of the journal Science. This is a great article on this subject, I must say.
The box pretty much states it well:

Bringing nonscientific ideas into biology classes creates unacceptable risks. It will confuse young students and teach them to distrust well-established scientific facts. Classrooms could become religious battlegrounds. Lawsuits over policy could drain local school districts. And employers everywhere would worry about the quality of Texas’ students.

Another great line in this article:

Given the concerns about the state’s future work force, the appointments are a troubling signal. At a time when most educators are working to prepare students for 21st century jobs, the board members’ action threatens to confuse students, divide communities and tarnish Texas’ reputation as an international science and technology center.

Check out the whole story here.


One Response to “Anti-evolution push may hurt efforts to teach science”

  1. The comment forms are up on the TEA website. You can share your thoughts on the newly proposed science TEKS. I posted the link on my own blog tonight.

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