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Vote on Rollback election — Humble ISD

Posted by Texas Education on October 31, 2008

Ok, I’ve been torn on whether to vote for this or not, seriously. I do understand the implications if we don’t vote on this, (more cut backs, serious cut backs.) But I also see the other side, our taxes go up, well, that’s about it. Well, not really. One reason I’ve been torn, I have seen expenditures (IMHO) that I do not agree with. I’ve seen cutbacks that I feel should not have been cut out, (technology) and others that should have been, (some higher administrative positions, expensive phones in all the rooms at the new schools, elaborate decorating at some of the make overs and new schools, just to name a few.) Ok, I’ve said it! Just places I don’t agree with.

Now, back to the funding crisis/rollback election. It was pointed out to me last night from a friend that if we put ourselves at the cap, we will have leverage against the state, possibly to sue them (again) to force their hand (again) to fund the schools, and not put this so heavily on the taxpayers. For more (from Humble ISD website) on this important election:

A message from Humble ISD Superintendent Guy Sconzo: “Our Humble ISD theme this year is “No Challenge is Too Great for Us”. Little did I know how appropriate this would be for us what with Hurricane Ike hitting the gulf coast soon after Dr. Sconzo talks about the school funding crisis in Texas and Humble ISD's upcoming tax rollback election school opened – and now a tax rate rollback election coming up in a few days.
I am thankful that our schools escaped serious damage, and as you may already know, we broke attendance records when school resumed after Ike. It was as if the community gave a collective sigh of relief that life truly was getting back to normal when our school re-opened.

It also appears that our community and employees give every indication of understanding the need for a tax rate election given the financial crisis brought on by the Texas Legislature when it adopted a finance system (House Bill 1) that froze school funding at 2005-06 levels.

HB 1 has:

  • Frozen funding at level school districts received in 2005-06
  • Frozen inequitable differences in Weighted Average Daily Attendance (WADA) funding from one school district to the next. For example, if Humble ISD $4,987 WADA) received the same WADA per child as Katy ISD ($5,174), it would mean an additional $9.2 million for our schools in 2008-09
  • Ignored the fact that costs for fuel, utilities, employee salaries, insurance, etc., continue to rise
  • Provides no inflation factor for operating revenue
  • Established a system where the state takes away a dollar of state aid for every local school tax dollar gained from increased property valuations and new property on the tax roll

Add to that the knowledge that the state’s transportation allotment has not increased since 1984 when gas was $1.13 per gallon and you have the makings of a financial crisis for schools across the state. By the end of this fall, more than 200 school districts will have had rollback elections. That’s with only two years of HB 1 in place!

This tax rate rollback election allows voters to decide whether or not to increase the Maintenance and Operations tax rate by 13 cents to $1.17 giving Humble ISD a total tax rate of $1.52. Our total tax rate in 2005 was $1.77! Approval means that Humble ISD will not need to make reductions beyond the $9 million already cut for this school year. Voter approval means that Humble ISD will receive about $17 million needed to balance the budget this year. Since about 87% of the school district’s budget is personnel, these funds would be used for salaries and to keepTax rate rollback election Nov. 22 existing programs in place. Read more…..

Humble ISD’s election will be on Nov. 22.
Early voting begins Nov. 5.

Print a brochureVer / Imprimir en español | Xem / In ở Việt Nam
See complete information about this election, including FAQs, early voting details, and polling locations, your questions answered (new questions/answers added 10/30)

There is only one Town Hall meeting left to get the scoop about this important election:

  • 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 13, at Humble High School Auditorium, 1700 Wilson Road

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