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The Election: Glimmers of Hope Light the Way for Hard Work Ahead

Posted by Texas Education on November 6, 2008

A note from the Texas Freedom Network:

Tuesday’s elections were a sharp rebuke at the national level to the religious right’s extremism. Even in Texas, a number of foot soldiers for the religious right went down to defeat, including state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington. In a critical State Board of Election (SBOE) race in southeast Texas, Republican incumbent David Bradley — a ringleader of the far-right faction that controls the board — had to fight hard to keep his seat against a stout challenge from Democrat Laura Ewing, a strong advocate of public education and religious freedom. In addition, two-thirds of candidates endorsed by the Texas Freedom Network won their races.

Despite that progress, however, the election results show that much hard work lies ahead. And we need your help!

It appears that the religious right has retained its smothering influence over public policy in the state. We anticipate hard battles over public education, promising stem cell research and other critical, mainstream issues in the 2009 Legislature. Just as important is that far-right extremists who oppose teaching about evolution, promote failed “abstinence-only-until-marriage” policies on sex education and censor our schoolchildren’s textbooks still control the State Board of Education.

You can do three things right now to help the Texas Freedom Network win the battle for mainstream values like strong public schools, religious freedom and civil liberties.

1) Donate to the Texas Freedom Network and help fund our critical work to counter the threat that the religious right poses to the values we all share. You can make a one-time gift  by clicking here or click here to become a TFN Freedom Fighter by signing up for a regular monthly donation of any size.

SUFS2) Click here to sign up for a TFN Rapid Response Team. TFN will keep team members updated on critical issues and how they can take direct action to make a difference at the Legislature and the SBOE.

3) Click here to sign on to the Stand Up for Science petition and campaign. Our campaign opposes efforts by the SBOE’s far-right faction to water down instruction on evolution and undermine the science education of Texas schoolchildren. Our kids deserve a 21st-century science education in their public school classrooms.



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