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How safe is your child’s school really?

Posted by Texas Education on November 11, 2008

During a four-month investigation, KHOU investigator, Jeremy Rogalski examined the safety at all 21 school districts in Harris County. I was honored to be a part of this. I was one of the parents on a panel that was given the facts and asked to give an opinion. I, honestly, found it to be a bit disturbing. When our school districts would place serious crimes as “violation of student code of conduct,” instead of the appropriate label it should be. Not all of the parents agreed with me, some thought putting such a label on a student would stick with him/her throughtout, but I feel if the student commits a crime, it should be reported and the student should be punished accordingly. Not much wiggle room there, in my books. I also agree with being able to identify school districts’ crime history.

It is a dangerous lesson. School districts in Harris County are hiding reports of campus crime from the Texas agency they’re required to notify. What’s more, they’re hiding them from you, the parent.

Here for the video, which you can see me at about one minute saying, “that’s just wrong, it’s just wrong!”

There is more tonight on Channel 11 KHOU!


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