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Posted by Texas Education on November 11, 2008

The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) gives another shout out about Cynthia Dunbar’s vicious attacks on President-elect Obama. I got a lot of emails on this about her attacks the weekend before election day, “Dunbar suggested that Sen. Obama is a traitor, charging that he “truly sympathizes” with enemies who want to destroy America. She also questioned his American citizenship and warned that he would try to grab more power by declaring martial law if terrorists do attack our nation.”

Whatever your political beliefs, this is certainly someone we DO NOT NEED on our State Board of Education and in our children’s public schools or someone who determines what more than 4.6 million Texas children learn in their public schools.

TFN is suggesting we:


Enough is enough! No matter who you supported for president, we should all be able to agree that Dunbar’s extremism is outrageous and even dangerous in our democracy. Just imagine the kind of nonsense that Dunbar and her fellow board radicals are likely to promote in our childrens’ public school classrooms over the next two years.

You can do two things right now to stand against Dunbar’s extremism:

1. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today. Express (in your own words) what you think about Dunbar’s outrageous remarks. Call on her to retract those remarks or to step down from the state board.

To improve the chances that your letter will be published, keep it short (150 words or less, unless the newspaper specifies otherwise) and stick to one clear point. You can click on a newspaper below to submit your letter. Or if you live in another city, check with your local newspaper to learn about submitting a letter.

Austin American-Statesman
Houston Chronicle
San Antonio Express-News
Dallas Morning News
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
You can learn more about writing letters to the editor by clicking here.

2. Donate to the Texas Freedom Network and help us stand for mainstream values and against extremism on the State Board of Education. Dunbar’s far-right allies on the board work each year to censor our schoolchildren’s textbooks on issues such as teaching about evolution, sex education and the role of women in the modern world. We need your help to keep radical political agendas out of our children’s public schools!


Dunbar is a Richmond Republican whose district stretches from west of Houston to Williamson and Travis counties. Her term runs to the end of 2010. The board, which is controlled by a far-right faction that includes Dunbar, determines what more than 4.6 million Texas children learn in their public schools.

Click here to read more. Click here and here to read how editorial boards and columnists have sharply criticized Dunbar’s venomous diatribe.


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