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Shocking! Texas Legislature likely to address school finance again

Posted by Texas Education on November 17, 2008

I’ll believe it when I see it.

“School finance is always a legislative priority because it is a very complex issue that impacts most Texans,” said Dick Lavine, senior fiscal analyst at the Center for Public Policy Priority, an Austin-based think tank. “It may not be the dominant issue next year like it was three years ago, but it will definitely be a big issue.”

I’m a bit shocked, yes, that this is not a dominant issue. Well, I take that back, I should NOT be surprised. They, the Lege, certainly do not think this is an important issue, and based on the election results, I do not see things changing…much. This is getting very tiresome waiting and waiting and waiting for the state to pony up their share of funding our schools. I, for one, would like to see our kids prosper, flourish, and be successful. They can’t do that when we are always playing catch up, scratching for funding, working off budgets from 20 years ago (that’s just appalling.) Well, the people spoke, when they kept people like Joe Crabb, and David Bradley in office. I just can’t understand that. This is someone who has been characterized: “Bradley was just like a playground bully with anyone who disagreed with him. He was condescending and even turned his back on teachers who were speaking.” I did see where Crabb gave one of our local papers the time of day, finally. Oh, I guess if I were just elected to an office that I don’t do diddly squat, I’d say a little something to the people, eh? All I can say is OMG. Please tell me, how do people like him sleep at night? Knowing he’s done nothing to help our schools for the last 15 years?

I will never understand the people who vote for people like him.

Full story here.


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