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Good luck with that!

Posted by Texas Education on November 20, 2008

The East Montgomery News Observer just posted an article: Education committee sends resolution to Texas lawmakers.

In an effort to provide better funding for schools, the Community Chamber of Commerce of East Montgomery County Education Committee passed two resolutions urging Texas lawmakers to review the current public school funding laws.

The resolutions, which passed unanimously at the committee hearing Nov. 10, called on the Texas Legislature to establish a statewide task force including elected officials and school districts.

I say, good luck with that. We all know what needs to be done, we all know how the schools are hurting financially. But, the bottom line is, the Legislature refuses to put forth anything that will help the schools. Schools are closing their doors, and you would think somebody would wake up, but alas, still no. The same leadership, for the most part, is still in place in Austin, so there probably won’t be any changes for us to look forward to. In fact, I know from an excellent source, that they (the Legislature) does not have anything “educational” on the agenda come January. So, all this rhetoric, wishing, wanting, etc, IMHO, is for naught.

We are cutting out programs, (band, art, day time sports) we are laying off personnel, (janitors, aids, teachers) Now, we will be laying off librarians, nurses and more teachers, so the teachers that are left will have more students in their classes, too many. They have too many NOW. You can only make so many parent phone calls in a day. The stacks of papers to grade, endless. (I sure hope from this day forward, I never hear someone complain about how good teachers have it, with summers off and all. I think I will haul off and slap the yahoo.)

I may not always agree with how the districts are spending their money, I may not agree with what needs to be done, but what I do see is the inequalities between districts. There are serious funding issues in this state that need to be addressed.

“It’s to provide the funding and support that we need to provide quality education,” Committee Chair Nadine Jenkins said. “If there is no money, how do you ensure good education?”

You go girl!!!


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