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North Forest needs taxpayers to vote YES!

Posted by Texas Education on December 4, 2008

A wonderful article in the Chronicle today by the new super at North Forest ISD. I thought I was keeping up with the comings and goings of North Forest better than I actually have been. Did not realize their super was Adrain Johnson. Seems their scenario is not as bad as ours. We needed 17 mil just to keep our heads above water for the remainder of the year. They need only 4 mil. I know it’s still a ton of money no matter how you slice it, but if 4 mil, costs their taxpayers only $66 a year, not too shabby, I’d say. Seriously, if that’s what they need to asked the voters of North Forest to approve a 13-cent increase in the property tax rate, which will generate $4 million a year to help resolve the crisis (but, lets be serious, it will only be a band aid, again) and make improvements in their schools, I sure hope it passes.

That’s why Dec. 6, 2008, is a crucial day. On that day, citizens have a chance to cast a vote for better schools and a better future for our children.

At our district Legislative committee meeting Tuesday, board member, Dan Huberty, explained how Tommy Williams told him in no uncertain terms, we have to go to them and show them how many coaches we have fired, what kind of cutbacks we have made, etc., well, we have and so has North Forest:

The employees of North Forest ISD have worked with the leadership to make tough cuts in the budget to become more efficient. We’ve consolidated our two high schools into one and merged two of our elementary schools as well. We have also cut administrative jobs throughout the district.

I was deeply impressed with this article. Got to be the first time I was impressed with anything that had the words North Forest in them. My heart always goes out to North Forest ISD, where I got my teaching certificate, so it will always hold a place in my heart. I love the kids, and sure hope the best for them as I do for ours here in Humble. Just yesterday when I was at TMS, again, I was passing out some papers and a student said, “were you at Oak Village?” I looked at her and, didn’t recognize her, asked her her name and then said, ” were you in my class,?” she said no, thank goodness, so I didn’t forget her, but she knew me!!! By getting around, different districts, almost 11 years of subbing now, I can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing a student who, I feel, I have touched their lives, and of course, they have touched mine!



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