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Posted by Texas Education on December 18, 2008

Ok, I’ve been blogging for about 7 months now! I’ve mostly put educational “information” out there, and some personal comments, some may say more. But, nevertheless, today I felt the need to do a little venting.  This morning, while getting ready, I was watching a morning show. There was a journalist being interviewed and was stating why our country and our economy is in the tank, my word not his. Talking about the bailout, one of his comments was that the people handling our “money” don’t know what they are doing. He exclaimed we need better educated people, in other words.  I agree! We are now seeing the $700 billion dollar bail out is as poorly implemented, monitored and NOT transparent,  as anything else.  I find when trying to deal with insurance, clerks, sales people, almost anyone, there are mistakes after mistakes after mistakes being made, which only add to the cost of everything.  Companies are cutting back and putting more on the ones left, we are cutting back on what makes our schools run better and all we ever hear is how people whine the teachers have it made, or God forbid they have two periods to make parent phone calls, grade the hundreds, no make that thousands of papers, input grades, work on the tons of paperwork for their 504’s or ARDS, or modified work. Create lively, energetic, informative, substantial, engaging lesson plans, just to mention a “few” of the duties of teachers. I get it. I understand the ones in charge, the ones that keep getting elected into office are the ones who are undermining public education all for the sole purpose of vouchers, having a “choice” where they want their children to go to school. But, people, what are we talking about, a mere $3-4000 a year to put your child in a school that charges that…per month?

People are losing their jobs, their homes, their livelyhood. Our children are suffering to the nth degree, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t change course and change it hard and fast. We are cutting programs that enhance a student’s interests, dreams and sometimes the pure motivation to go to school. I’m talking about art, music, technology, all the extra curricular  activities.

Thank God I had drill team when I was in school. I honestly don’t know what I would have done, where I would be now, if it were not for drill team. It literally saved my life. My home life was…well, not so much. I can relate, which is why I feel, sometimes, I have a connection to my students.  I know what it’s like for school to be a safe place! And it was for me, and it was exciting,  and I enjoyed learning.

Why aren’t we putting more into our schools? Producing a workforce like no other? Using the latest technology, non-stop?  What I see are computers sitting in classrooms gathering dust. Just big paperweights. When, the one thing students know and like more than anything is…technology.

As much as I’ve enjoyed subbing, again! I miss teaching. Teaching my own classes. Having my own students, my own parents. I create engaging lesson plans, I teach manners, leadership, I hold students accountable. I make sure to make connections with students, colleagues, administration, parents, even the community. I’m flexible, nice, very well organized, contrary to some beliefs. I’m computer literate, and incorporate that into what I do, what I teach and am amazed at how others, well, frankly, don’t. I try to improve my knowledge of technology, and other pertinent information concerning teaching and worldly stuff. Most of all I care, I’m compassionate,  and I’m completely dumbfounded as to why I sit here and I don’t have a classroom. I do wish someone would enlighten me, please!

Ok, I’m done, I wish I could say I feel better, but I don’t!!  The world is still cold and losing ground, I’m still, basically, unemployed and I need to get dinner before I do or say something I might regret, if it’s not already too late!!!

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Yeah, that’ me, front and center!!


2 Responses to “My rantings”

  1. tlsringer said

    Now you know why I homeschool. I am able to provide my son with those programs that are hopefully motivating him into learning more about the other not so fun subjects. Not all kids are going to turn into rocket scientists, so the schools need to provide other areas of study for those kids that just want to be an auto mechanic or cosmetologist or a dance instructor. Being in choir in elementary school taught me how to read music which helps me whenever I play the organ, ring handbells or sing in a choir. If those programs go, where will the kids get that knowledge? Didn’t I notice somewhere that Algebra will be required now in order to graduate? Whatever happened to teaching the normal everyday math that most kids (and some adults) need in order to function in their everyday life? I just happen to be Algebra illiterate but I can do fractions, percent, balance my checkbook and do my income taxes. If it hadn’t been for my consumer math teacher, I would be having H&R Block do my taxes! I really hope that the public school system gets to work on fixing what is wrong with them. Most of us who homeschool are unhappy with the way the schools have gone downhill as far as our kids education. Not all of us homeschoolers are doing it because of religious reasons. You can read about my reasons for homeschooling on my . Homeschooling may not be fore everyone, but neither is sending them to public school.

    • I agree, I’ve been one who had the mind set that anyone who homeschooled, it was for religions reasons. Maybe that was true at sometime, but also, times have changed and it’s not all about relgion anymore. It boggles my mind how we can let our schools get in such a shape that they are in. I wish more understood the politics and where it leads us when we vote certain people and people and people in. We have got to learn to be more flexible and not be so adamant about why we elect people, ie: “pro-life” or “pro-choice”. I’m quite proud of the American people for voting for Barack Obama, some did cross party lines. I do believe he will help education. But how much will his efforts affect Texas Education? I wonder. A lot, I hope.

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