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Playground nicknames – a good thing?

Posted by Texas Education on January 6, 2009

I will go with what I usually say when I’m on the net…are you kidding me? There’s an article from the UK. Well, I guess I should consider the source, I never much get British humor anyway. The  article says, “Playground nicknames such as “four-eyes”, “carrot-top”, “pizza-face” and “stinky” can be good for children, according to an academic.”

shortyIt would be very difficult for me to agree with this article. When growing up,  I was called shorty, squirt, pee-wee, shortstuff, half-pint, little-bit, tiny (if they could see me now!) shrimp, and flatty patty (and again, if they could see me now!).  I know, that has nothing to do with being short, but it still hurt.  Even from total strangers, and all of them, at one time or another, no lie!!!


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