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Texas Charter Schools Association weighs in on HB3 & SB3

Posted by Texas Education on March 6, 2009

I received this email from Ms. Josie Duckett from Texas Charter Schools Association. Here is the email:

David Dunn, Executive Director for the Texas Charter Schools Association, is offering this quote in response to HB 3 and SB 3.

“The Texas Charter Schools Association looks forward to working with Senate Education Chairwoman Florence Shapiro and House Education Chairman Rob Eissler regarding their school accountability and growth model legislation.  While we’re still reviewing the particulars of this bill, we applaud their desire and willingness to move our education system in a positive direction.  At its core, their efforts to improve accountability will measure individual student academic growth over time so parents and the public can accurately gauge Texas school performance.  Charter schools currently serve approximately 90,000 students in Texas, and 16,000 more are on waiting lists across the state.  The Texas Charter School Association will continue working with elected officials, TEA, and traditional public schools to help ensure our students get the education they need to be leaders in the 21st Century.”

David Dunn, Executive Director
Texas Charter Schools Association

Thank you,
Josie Duckett
Texas Charter Schools Association
Vice President, Public and Government Relations
Office: 512.584.TCSA (8272)
Cell: 412.860.3160


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