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Educators using technology to improve writing

Posted by Texas Education on March 14, 2009

And here I thought I was going to take a rest from the computer over the weekend and then one of my twitter friends goes and sends me a fantastic article on technology, classroom AND writing!!! The sub title (if that’s what it is called, I think so) “Students must learn that there’s a lot of difference between writing for classroom and for Facebook.” This is what I’ve been saying. They love technology, know how to use it, but…..they don’t know how to use it to benefit them in the business world/ job world.

As middle and high school students finished their state-required writing exams this week, a new report outlined the need to change how writing is taught in schools.

Ummm…change, did I hear change? We need to get out of the ’60s and into the, what 21st century…finally?  I do believe it will happen…finally!!!!

The idea is that students spend more time writing outside class on computers and cellphones and that teachers should tap that interest and find ways to merge the two rather than focusing on research papers, essays, journal or letter writing.

“So much of it [students’ online writing] is so shallow and repetitious,” said Sandy Hayes, past chairwoman of the council’s middle-level section and a 36-year teaching veteran.

“It is that dilemma of how do we bridge the gap between quick, shallow writing and thoughtful, based-on-information writing.”

This is certainly change I/we can all believe in. This will strengthen how kids will learn, embracing the fast paced technology with education. I tired to do that in my classes last year. Warm-ups were journals. I wanted them to use correct punctuation, capitals, correct spelling (not txt msg) but, it never really happened. I kept beating my head against the wall. But, if all the teachers are doing this, we are all teaching them to do this…umm…could be.


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