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This could happen to Texas schools

Posted by Texas Education on April 7, 2009

And we thought things were bad in Texas – and they are – but in South Carolina, their governor is planning on not taking stimulus money for education. Oh, my my!! I’m sorry, let me rephrase that, he is accepting stimulus money, just not going to give any to public education. See what kind of shape their schools are in…highlighted in the last paragraph. I find it interesting it’s the Republican governors who are not using the money to help middle America or our schools.

Governor Mark Sanford’s last-minute decision to accept federal stimulus dollars – but not send public schools their share – increases pressure on South Carolina districts faced with eliminating jobs next year, State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex said today.

Rex said that continuing uncertainty over federal assistance would force school districts to build budgets for next year based on their worst-case scenarios.

“Things are no clearer today than they were yesterday,” Rex said. “The situation is still confusing and contentious, and districts can’t postpone their budget process indefinitely while they wait for this political drama to play out.”


South Carolina schools have absorbed $387 million in cuts throughout this year, leaving many districts with few alternatives except to consider cuts to their most important assets – their classroom teaching positions. Eighty to 90 percent of a typical school district’s budget is made up of salaries, with most of those salaries going to classroom teachers.


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