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‘You better invest in brains,’ says White

Posted by Texas Education on July 5, 2008

Texas mayors call better education vital

Yep, what I’ve been saying all along. This may be old news (little bit,) but still, it’s important to note! I’ve been mulling over some of the same ole’ opinions and comments on fundings, budgets, cutbacks, vouchers, and the like ’till I’m flippin’ crosseyed. Onto somewhat “positive” news, I must say.

Though quality of life and cost of living are what attract business to Texas now, a panel of mayors from the three largest cities in the state told lawyers at a bar convention here Thursday that what will keep the cities thriving is better education.

“If you’re a global economy and you want to compete on the basis of brains, you better invest in brains,” said Houston Mayor Bill White.

Please tell me what the heck is wrong with investing in your child’s future? And I’m not just talking about what the lege is doing or what it is NOT doing. I know we have moved away from the stay-at-home mom who can devote all kinds of time at her children’s schools.

So…what does that mean? We either have to dog gone pay for that time, or get creative, and try to put in more time outside of work. Corporations putting in more time and money. Don’t get me wrong, I see many corporations putting in time AND money, but we need to work harder, smarter, and possibly faster. We are seriously running out of time here. “Knowledge is power.” This is not just a saying or just words typed, students CAN learn, teachers CAN teach, just give them all the right kinds of tools.

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