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Capturing Kids’ Hearts is coming to Humble ISD

Posted by Texas Education on April 16, 2009

Well, not exactly, but…I got an update from the last Board meeting, sorry I missed, that they are…well here’s the update:

Capturing Kids’ Hearts Professional Development

The entire Summer Creek High School staff will be pursuing Capturing Kids’ Heart professional development training. This special training in affective development techniques will cost $67,900 and will be paid for with Federal Title II grant funds.

This is such a wonderful, and I must say, surprising thing. My heart believes so strongly in Capturing Kids’ Hearts. I do believe it has made me a much better teacher and has given me the hope, that all of us need, to know that every child deserves the best from his/her teacher and this program/philosophy does just that.

In other action, the Board approved:

  • Design development plans for elementary school #26, Turner Stadium renovations and additions, and Community Learning Center renovations and additions.
  • Boundary option 1 for Lakeshore Elementary. Details
  • The annual AVID Membership Renewal for 2009-10 for all secondary campuses. The $42,574 is paid through the State High School Allotment fund.
  • Declaring a corner lot across the street from the old Bender High School in Humble as surplus property. The Board authorized having it appraised and advertising it for sale.
  • Population And Survey Analysts to begin its total Demographic Study focusing on the southeast area of the school district at this time.
  • Lemons Auctioneers to provide online auction services for 31 surplus portable buildings.
  • Chick-Fil-A to provide pre-packaged, ready to serve chicken sandwiches at all middle and high schools.
  • SBWV as the architect for the Kingwood High softball field design work.

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The Laptops Are Coming! The Laptops Are Coming!

Posted by Texas Education on July 16, 2008

This article is interesting, mostly to those who are truly involved with education, teaching, but more so those who are involved with technology and teaching.

At first, Sarah Heller McFarlane believed that a classroom of students with laptops was an educator’s dream come true. Then the hard truth set in for this Washington State-based high school teacher. Among the unforeseen changes McFarlane details in “The Laptops Are Coming! The Laptops Are Coming!”, she found herself being less a teacher and more an electronic snoop than she ever imagined. Worse, as her students engaged with their laptops they disengaged with her and their fellow students.

McFarlane’s essay is a cautionary story on the problems associated with turning over laptops to students and turning classrooms into technology centers without creating a strategy that includes unplugging the earphones, turning off the machine, and tuning in to each other.

I found it fascinating because I could relate to most of what this teacher had to say about the kids and their experiences with technology. I also felt, especially in the beginning, and at times, like her, more worried about what the kids were doing (not instructional) during class. I felt this was my biggest criticism and wonder if any other teacher, or anyone else for that matter, could police them any better than I had. After reading this article I remember back when I felt I had to – disconnect – from technology and get back to basics, if you will. I would do “games” that would connect my students. I also felt I was faulted on not getting to know my kids better, and as a very new teacher, I needed to find ways to do that, especially since they would come in and all I saw was the backs of their heads, for the most part. Most students don’t show off, or ask questions, even when they have them, so learning about them, getting to know them and helping them when they need it, can be truly difficult, at best. One of the most popular games was rules-of-the-game. I introduced this during the second semester after I had come back from CKH’s and found the key is to “connect” and learn the story behind the behavior. They absolutely loved that game and would constantly ask it they could play it. I honestly got to know the quiet ones better. I found a student who hardly ever spoke a word, was a very funny guy.

Krikey, I find myself more involved on the computer now than ever, researching, reading, studying, learning. I often wonder, especially those teachers who are not computer literate, how the heck they do it and find the time. Yesterday, my husband paid me a compliment, he needed some information faxed (no, we don’t have a fax, and the one that “comes” with the computer is very funky) to our insurance company and wanted me to, go do it. I looked at the form and you could also email it. I told him, could I just do that instead? He said it would take longer. I though, um, go upstairs, scan and email, as opposed to putting on shoes, getting in car, driving the couple of miles, PAYING for the fax, wondering if it made it, um…which would be faster. After I did it, and bcc’d him, he came in and said “wow, that took a lot less time than I thought, it would have taken me a whole lot longer.” (My husband works with computers!) As he left the room, I said, “I will take that as a compliment.” And I did!

If you are interested in educating students, using technology to do that or you are just curious how it can be done or how it’s done, take a few minutes. Read this story, be enlightened!

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Good Stuff!!!

Posted by Texas Education on July 3, 2008

Occasionally I will post something that falls under the category of Good Stuff. When I attended Capturing Kids’ Hearts in January, they recommend doing something with your classes they like to call “celebrations.” I came up with good stuff for my classes. “Anybody got any good stuff?,” I would say. Granted, high schoolers don’t have much to say, even if it is good stuff. But, sometimes I would get an occasional “we have a game tonight!” I would get that, or “we are attending a competition.” Any who, I do have some good stuff today!! Someone I met recently, through the Diane Trautman Campaign, and who recently graduated from Atascocita High School, where my youngest attends, has a write up, about him, in the Tribune. (I took the pic!) His name is Krystafer Redden. (He’s going to blush,) but this is someone, even in his ripe old age of only 20, someone I admire greatly. He’s very modest, and a bit shy, but has so much talent, gumption, and a whole lot going on, I truly admire and respect him. I look forward to working with Krystafer (love the spelling of his name, but I sure have a dog of a time remembering how to spell it,) throughout Diane’s campaign, and I wish Krystafer all the best in the world. Not to worry, my mother (God rest her soul) lived with the name Paderewski for 70 years! I think I was about 13 before I knew how to spell it! Call me slow…

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Self-Esteem of students (do I hear Teen Leadership?)

Posted by Texas Education on June 19, 2008

Today’s letter’s-to-the-editor write about an article in Sunday’s outlook section (oh, how could I miss that?) on students’ self-esteem. Ashley Herzog writes about how self-esteem hasn’t proven it helps anyone. She states “while the self-esteem movement hasn’t made children any smarter, it has made them more self-centered, demanding and hostile to criticism.” This may be, along with the many other statements, research and just flat out opinions on the subject. One of her “critics” in the letters, from JAMES A. BABB, mathematics teacher, grades eight-12, Friendswood, makes a very interesting point:

Teaching math at the high school level is an exercise in developing new attitudes in a defeated army of disappointed students. Success cannot be measured a year at a time because failure has dogged the students since fourth grade, where they began to lose confidence because the teaching techniques are focused on the standardized, mechanical questions that are on standardized tests. These tests, developed by lobbyists for book publishers, focus on what the book publishers place in their books, not on problem-solving strategies.

What did I tell you, yesterday??? One thing I know for sure works, “Teen Leadership.” It’s not a fad, nor a program. It is where students learn life-changing skills. Teen Leadership gives young people the opportunity to learn self-discipline, self-awareness, self-control, they learn commitment, and the self-confidence one truly needs in life. It also gives them the necessary tools, and prepares them, in how to deal with life experiences. The class shows positive signs in student behavior and makes a difference in kids’ lives. Schools see more respect among students and teachers, fewer fights, and an increase in attendance. Teen leadership students, before they take the class, have discipline problems, many are failing multiple courses, are assigned to the detention center, or have police records. After Teen leadership, they experience what it feels like to be successful, they achieve academically, and more stay out of trouble. The curriculum is awesome, and these kids become true leaders. See more on student’s testimonials. Teachers learn too. They learn to become better teachers. The first course is Capturing Kids’ Hearts. This, is for the teachers.

I believe students, and adults, need to master the art of self-confidence, self-awareness, self-control, not self-esteem.

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