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Texas School Receives First New Propane Buses in the Nation

Posted by Texas Education on July 23, 2008

I keep trying to find anything going on that would help our schools, all of our schools. So when one of us does something good, smart, saves money, it’s worth mentioning here. From the Texas Insider:

San Antonio, Texas – Record-high fuel prices are causing school districts to scrutinize their transportation budgets for ways to cut costs. San Antonio’s Northside Independent School District has found that alternative fuels are one way to keep their budget in check. For the first time since 2002, a major manufacturer has offered a factory-built propane bus.

Northside is the first school district in the nation to purchase and receive the new propane buses. And the district is already reaping the rewards. Today, Railroad Commission Chairman Michael L. Williams brought a check for $66,341.46 to Northside ISD. Full story here.

Here is some information on propane school busses. I wasn’t sure if these are safe, but according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they are, and there is help with funding.

For More Information
•National Clean Cities Program
•Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
•Propane Vehicle Council
•National BiodieselBoard
•National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium
•“Alternative Fuel School Buses Earn High Marks”, Alternative Fuel News Volume 5 Number 3

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Superintendent of Northside ISD says it best!

Posted by Texas Education on June 11, 2008

I noticed in the Tribune today, where Jennifer Bernard says we should all write our legislative officials and demand change. Well, I would think they know by now our problems, wouldn’t you? No, the answer is not telling them what THEY need to do, it’s what WE need to do. We need to elect a legislature that understands our need to have proper funding for our children, for our teachers, for our schools. Ask them, talk to them. Last year I attended a forum for “Children at Risk” where the superintendent of Houston ISD – Abelardo Saavedra, Scott Hochberg, our own Dr. Sconzo and numerous others were guest speakers. I asked Mr. Hochberg why the state is not funding our schools better, and this was way before I know what we all know now, and his reply was, that he was told by those above him that they didn’t feel that it was the states job. What??? So, herein lies the problem, in my books (again, no pun.) We HAVE to elect those who really care about our schools, and care about giving them the proper funding, tools and support they so sorely need. Get educated as to who has our childrens’ best interest at heart. We can no longer go on this way. The Observer and the Tribune all have people crying about their sports, electives, etc. getting cut and we just can’t have that. Well, the board has no other alternative. In some of our own households people are making the decision to buy milk or by gas, and fellas, I believe, we have not seen the worst yet. Yes, we need to get fired up, but WE need to do something about it. If they have not been able to fix our crisis by now, they never will. Please educate yourselves, find out what our elected officials have voted for, or against, when it comes to schools, school financing, budgets, etc. As responsible adults, parents, communities, we can all do something. Let’s just hope it’s not too late. We still have the next year to tighten our belts, and even then, there are no guarantees.

John M. Folks Jr. is superintendent of the Northside Independent School District explains our crisis very well. As I’ve heard our very own Dr. Sconzo tout it often. This, of course, was taken from the Humble ISD’s website.

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