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Posted by Texas Education on December 10, 2008

I just noticed another search to get to my site, “Cynthia Dunbar.” Also, I was searching, please don’t ask, I search for anything and everything, and came across, an article by LISA FALKENBERG, just love her! on our infamous friend about her book. I wish, and one of the main reasons I blog about Texas Education, more and more and more people would see the leaders (and I use that term loosely) that they have elected to run our “government schools”:

“Public education is tyrannical, unconstitutional and the Satan-following Left’s “subtly deceptive tool of perversion.” And parents who surrender their children to government-run schools are “throwing them into the enemy’s flames even as the children of Israel threw their children to Moloch.”

These aren’t the beliefs of just any right-wing Christian zealot — no offense to the right wing or to Christians in general — but one who was elected by Texas voters to help shape the curriculum for all of Texas’ 4.5 million public schoolchildren.

Oh kay! Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Wouldn’t the reason she is on the board is to undermine public schools? Isn’t there anything we can do to get her off since the people don’t know what the heck they are doing? This is appalling, decitful, and downright unethical. I think when she runs next time I’m going to run the ABCD campaign…Anything But Cynthia Dunbar! Kinda catchy, eh?  Worse yet;

In a piece for Christianworldviewnetwork.com, Dunbar wrote that Obama, the terrorist sympathizer, would bring tyranny to America by declaring martial law after his accomplices attack our soil.

The commentary, condemned by conservatives and progressives alike, was quickly removed from the Web site.

But her book is available at Amazon.com for anyone to read, even a tool-of-Satan, mainstream media columnist like me.

Obama as Hitler?

The Founding Fathers created “an emphatically Christian government” and, thus, every person who wants to govern in this country should have “sincere knowledge and appreciation for the Word of God.”

Dunbar argues that America’s declining, immoral society is in need of Christian soldiers who will rise up to save it. At one point, she proclaims that the similarities between our society and that of “pre-Holocaust” Nazi Germany are “striking.”

She lists the similarities, and then comes to the leadership component.

“Well, I guess that is the one missing ingredient,” she writes. “After all, we certainly lack a charismatic, driven leader with a hidden agenda, a leader who comes out of nowhere who seems to command the awe and allegiance of many. Or are we?”

This elected state official seems to be suggesting our newly elected president could be the next Adolf Hitler.

Lisa sums it up rather nicely: “Whether it’s about reading, evolution or a far-right version of Bible curriculum she and other board members are pushing, Cynthia Dunbar is touching every public schoolchild in Texas.”

Oh but there’s more on Dunbar (I can’t with all conscious put a Ms. in front of her name) Steve Blow at the Dallas News wants to nominate Little Miss Sunshine 2008 Texan of the Year. I’m pretty sure he is using sarcasm, you think? She can stir up hornets nests like no other.

Taking down America is one thing, but our Official State Cassandra sees conspiracies lurking right here in Texas classrooms, too.

As a member of the State Board of Education, she pledges “to fight for parental control over hidden socialistic, humanistic agendas.”

In fact, she calls public education itself a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion.” (Her kids have been home-schooled and attended private school.)

I lalso found someone who blogs about our own Little Miss Sunshine 2008 Texan of the Year (hey, that just might stick.)  Justorb has a few choice words here and here to say about her. But, then with someone as crazy as CD, you could throw a rock and probably hit someone who would have a few choice words to say about her.  So, how the heck do these people keep getting elected when they can even pi$$ off some of their own kind because they are so far off the planet?

And it’s certainly people like her that make me ashamed to put Texas behind my name. She is an honest to goodness…wow, I can’t even think of a word that truly describes this loon.

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SBOE Member Dunbar in hot water again!

Posted by Texas Education on December 7, 2008

Capitol Annex has an article about Ms. Dunbar and her antics getting her in hot water.

Fresh from her statements that an Obama administration would result in martial law in the United States, right-wing State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar is now in hot water as a result of a new book she has written in which advocates for, among other things, a “biblican litmus test” to guide government.

The Houston Chronicle has a rundown on the book:

In her book, One Nation Under God, Dunbar argues that the country’s founding fathers created “an emphatically Christian government” and believed that government should be guided by a “biblical litmus test.”

Dunbar endorses a belief system requiring “any person desiring to govern have a sincere knowledge and appreciation for the Word of God in order to rightly govern.”

She calls public education a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion.” The establishment of public schools is unconstitutional and even “tyrannical,” she writes in the book, because it threatens the authority of families, granted by God through Scripture, to direct the instruction of their children.

Dunbar defends herself by claiming the text wasn’t written for the general public, but rather as “an educational tool to the body of Christ:”

“I don’t think most people in the churches are aware of the venom against Christian America,” she said. “So, it’s more of a wake-up call to be informed, to be involved. They are fine with the body of Christ as long as we stay hidden in our four walls of the church, sitting quietly in our pews.

“But if we become civically involved or active in public policy issues, then we’re going to be shot down,” Dunbar said.

The Texas Freedom Network, an organization that monitors the influence of the Religious Right in Texas, is rightfully calling on SBOE Chairman Don McLeroy to remove Dunbar (R-Richmond) from the board’s Committee on Instruction:

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted by Texas Education on November 11, 2008

The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) gives another shout out about Cynthia Dunbar’s vicious attacks on President-elect Obama. I got a lot of emails on this about her attacks the weekend before election day, “Dunbar suggested that Sen. Obama is a traitor, charging that he “truly sympathizes” with enemies who want to destroy America. She also questioned his American citizenship and warned that he would try to grab more power by declaring martial law if terrorists do attack our nation.”

Whatever your political beliefs, this is certainly someone we DO NOT NEED on our State Board of Education and in our children’s public schools or someone who determines what more than 4.6 million Texas children learn in their public schools.

TFN is suggesting we:


Enough is enough! No matter who you supported for president, we should all be able to agree that Dunbar’s extremism is outrageous and even dangerous in our democracy. Just imagine the kind of nonsense that Dunbar and her fellow board radicals are likely to promote in our childrens’ public school classrooms over the next two years.

You can do two things right now to stand against Dunbar’s extremism:

1. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today. Express (in your own words) what you think about Dunbar’s outrageous remarks. Call on her to retract those remarks or to step down from the state board.

To improve the chances that your letter will be published, keep it short (150 words or less, unless the newspaper specifies otherwise) and stick to one clear point. You can click on a newspaper below to submit your letter. Or if you live in another city, check with your local newspaper to learn about submitting a letter.

Austin American-Statesman
Houston Chronicle
San Antonio Express-News
Dallas Morning News
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
You can learn more about writing letters to the editor by clicking here.

2. Donate to the Texas Freedom Network and help us stand for mainstream values and against extremism on the State Board of Education. Dunbar’s far-right allies on the board work each year to censor our schoolchildren’s textbooks on issues such as teaching about evolution, sex education and the role of women in the modern world. We need your help to keep radical political agendas out of our children’s public schools!


Dunbar is a Richmond Republican whose district stretches from west of Houston to Williamson and Travis counties. Her term runs to the end of 2010. The board, which is controlled by a far-right faction that includes Dunbar, determines what more than 4.6 million Texas children learn in their public schools.

Click here to read more. Click here and here to read how editorial boards and columnists have sharply criticized Dunbar’s venomous diatribe.


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