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Voting on “rollback” elections

Posted by Texas Education on August 28, 2008

Things certainly are gearing up, educational wise. And I’m not just talking about school starting. Much abuzz with budgets (or should I say cuts) going on, on an ongoing basis (say that three times fast,) gun toting teachers, drumming up dollars by advertising on buses and the like, building and opening of new schools (major growth,) and of course, the dreaded “rollback” elections that are about to commence. The decision to increase the tax will go to voters most likely after the November general elections because the districts did not receive their certified tax values from the county appraisal district in time for the deadline. There is still no firm commitment by our district, and some others, as to whether or not it will be become an issue, but everything sure seems to point to that happening.

I’m hearing a lot of buzz that it might not pass. I too have struggled with this. I’m seeing a lot of funds misappropriated, clubs and organizations being funded by the district that should not have been funded by the district, and more. But, and considering I lost my job because of budget cuts, many more will go by the wayside due to more cuts. Our district is not the same as it was when we moved here almost to the day, 10 years ago.

It’s being reported that we, Alief and North Forest are expected to vote this week on whether or not to hold the elections. Austin, Corpus Christi have already made the decision this week, and Galena Park is the only district that sought an increase last year, and it passed, which is surprising to me.

Here is an editorial to help understanding of the school roll-back elections.

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Districts battle to lure educators as state upgrades students’ courses

Posted by Texas Education on June 26, 2008

Oh, that’s only the sub title. (From Sunday’s Chron – Teach math, science? You’re hired.) But…I gotta say, I got a little steamed as I read this. Here, I’ve had a difficult time, at best, in finding and securing a position at a school/district. And here if you are math or science savvy, you get some districts offering signing bonuses or stipends, and at least one area district, Galena Park, is offering perks typically reserved for corporate executives. Wow, this is amazing.

The royal treatment

The royal treatment and perks. Galena Park ISD paid for someone to fly to Houston to spend two days with other out-of-town recruits. They stayed at a Galleria-area hotel, went to a “really great” Tex-Mex restaurant and, of course, got a tour of the schools and met with several principals.

“It was kind of like speed dating,” she said, “where you sat and talked to a principal for one school and then 20 minutes later, you switched.” If that’s not enough, What’s more, Galena Park awards signing bonuses of $5,000 for all middle and high school math and science teachers who make a two-year commitment. The district also reimburses up to $1,500 in moving expenses and pays health care premiums for a year, said spokesman Craig Eichhorn.

The Houston Independent School District offers one of the area’s biggest signing bonuses to math and science teachers: $6,000, with $4,000 paid upfront and $2,000 awarded in the second year.

Teachers who continue on the job also get an extra $1,000 annually, said Gomez, the interim HR manager. The article goes on to say.

The article, to me, seems to be boo hooing for the smaller school districts,

“It’s raising the bar for other districts to compete,” Gomez said. “And it hurts other districts if you don’t have the money to spend.”

not for teachers like me, who are teaching a “disposable” commodity, technology – an elective. Ok, call me bitter, but this is crazy, don’t you think? I understand the problems with the 4 by 4. And I also feel for the states, districts, and the teachers who are teaching math or science. I don’t envy them on that. I just wish more could be done for the electives, studies show extracurricular activities boost the kiddos grades, attendance, and make them all around better students and life long learners. Plus, colleges like to see that.

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